H2WORLD Forum functions along with exhibition.

H2WORLD Organizing Committee will hold the event every year with topic of hydrogen fuel cell industry’s key fields.

At the forum, most recent information on each topic will be shared and discussion on policy, system, market and technology will be dealt.
Discussion topic and network will grow deeper and deeper.

At ‘H2WORLD Forum 2018’, you will find 4 main forums which are
1.International Fuel Cell Forum 2.Future Hydrogen Forum 3.New Energy Forum 4. Hydrogen Industry · Corporate.

We look forward to meet you soon.

About Forum

About Forum
Name H2WORLD Forum 2018
Date October 11th (Thu) ~ 12th (Fri), 2018
Location Changwon Convention Center (CECO) Meeting Room, Gyeongsangnam-Province, Republic of Korea.
Hosted by H2WORLD Organizing Committee
Organized by Please refer to detailed program