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International Fuel Cell Forum


Fuel cell is most suitable technology for hydrogen, fuel cell industry expansion. Fuel cell, worldwide-used for house and building, is different in each country but is categorized at early market forming step. Japan already set 250,000 house-used fuel cell (Ene Farm) and is close to self-supporting step without government’s support.
Korea has vitalized generating fuel cell market. It is the biggest in the world and this is based on government’s support.
At ‘International Fuel Cell Forum’, each topic-‘Korean generating fuel cell market’, ‘Canadian fuel cell technology’, and ‘Fused business model for future fuel cell market expansion’-will be introduced. After this, various discussions will be proceeded.

  • Organized by

    H2WORLD Organizing Committee, Future Fuel Cell Development Forum
  • Hosted by

    H2WORLD Organizing Committee
  • Sponsored by

    Fuel Cell Development Conference, SOFC Forum
  • Date

    October 11th (Thu) 12:50~17:30
  • Location

    Changwon Convention Center (CECO) Seminar Room 700


세부 프로그램
Time Category Speaker Topic
12:50~13:10 Opening Mr. Kyuwhan Kim
Consultant of National Assembly Fuel Cell
Development Forum
Offer of congratulations
13:10~13:40 Topic Mr. Jinhyuck Jeon
Director of Doosan Fuel Cell (Korea)
Doosan's generating fuel cell's business current status
13:40~14:10 Topic Mr. Akiteru Maruta (Technova/Japan) Japan's Policy and activities on Fuel Cell Commercialization
14:10~14:40 Topic Mr. Dongwon Lee
SOFC Forum (Korea) CEO
SOFC technology development and business strategy
14:40~15:10 Topic Mr. Alan Kneisz
Hydrogenics Business Development Director
Global Leadership in Transport and Fueling
15:10~15:40 Topic Mr. Lee ku
S Fuel Cell-KT (Korea) COO
Fuel cells in hydrogen society
15:40~16:00 coffee break
16:00~17:30 Discussion
    • Host
    • Doctor of KIST Hae Won Lee
    • Panel
    • Heegwon Jeon (S Fuel Cell CEO)
    • Jinhyuck Jeon (Doosan Fuel Cell)
    • Dongwon Lee (SOFC Forum CEO)
  • Topic :

    • Role of fuel cell in hydrogen society and
      potential growth of the market

Program Schedule

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October 10th (Wed) October 11th (Thu) October 12th (Fri)
AM Opening
Hydrogen Industry·Corporate
New Energy Forum
(Room 600)
Future Hydrogen Forum
(Room 600)
PM H2WORLD Conference
(Room 700)
International Fuel Cell Forum
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